"Without music, life would be a mistake" - Friedrich Nietzsche

What we are, and what we do:

An experimental band from Kolkata/Calcutta, India (we like the name 'Calcutta' better), we compose, cover and play instrumental music in our experimental way.
We cover film and TV series' background scores live (GoT theme, Sherlock BBC theme, Harry Potter 'Hedwig's Theme" to name a few), and we have many experimental original compositions.
We cover timeless bollywood numbers in our own experimental fashion, adding elements from Progressive Metal, Post-Rock, Djent, Metalcore and sometimes even Punk Rock, into our stage crushing bollywood medleys.  We are primarily a live band, and we tour a lot all over India.

We've played outside the border at Thimphu, Bhutan and have more such shows scheduled in this year and the next.


Bhaswar Sen - Violin, Viola, Electric Violin, Arrangements and Composition.
Ronnie "Ronn" Chatterjee -
Guitar, Vocals, Sound Designing and Programming, Arrangements, Composition and Production.
Suanjito "Bindo" Dutta -
 Drums and Percussion.
Anupam Pyne -
Keyboards and Vocals.
Swaphabha "Popeye" Roy
Bass Guitars.
Pritam Saha -

Feat. Guitarist - Gaurub Ray

Band Management/Bookings:  Soumadip Das

FOH Audio Engineer:  Subhadeep Pan

Live Photographers: Shakhya Roy Choudhury and Sounak Sarkar

Crew: Pavel Roy, Debashis Chakraborty, Tanmoy Das, Prithish Biswas

More on us:

"They are eclectic and variety is their mightiest sword, creativity the mightier. They will give the audience the kind of music they seek, the ability to switch between different demands is what the band members would call their “forte”. They adhere to the audience’s preference but do not compromise with their inherent recognized style. They have nonconformists written all over them, and scream divine musical indulgence and maybe they are the miracle you have been seeking all along without ever realizing it."
- Aritri Dutta 

" The first time I attended one of their concerts I saw the madness that was in front of the stage, and at the back, and everywhere. The audience would not rest, the boys would not rest. No body was tired and the violin jarred with the bass. I suppose the band is pretty much realized by now.
As told by the violinist, Bhaswar, the band’s music is radical. No, it will not change your life. But it will drive you, it will make you hop out to purchase that last ticket to the concert. "
- Barnana Hemoprava Sarkar
Read more at her blog: https://berryberry1927.wordpress.com/2017/07/17/trapped/

contact us directly:

We are an Independent Band.
For bookings, press kits or any other information, please feel free to call us in the numbers given above or mail us at
Meet us at Echoes Rehearsal Pad!
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